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What types of auctions are there?
Why can’t I choose a category?
How can I edit an auction in arreas?
How can I add an image to my auctions?
Why do my images not work?
How can I relist /prolongate my auctions?
How do I deactivate e-mails for unsuccessful auctions?
What does cost?

What types of auctions are there? [^]

You have the possibility to sell your items with different types of auctions.

  1. Normal auction
  2. Normal auction with „Buy now“ feature
  3. Buy now

1.) Normal auction

The normal auction. The highest bidder receives the item.

2.) Normal auction with „Buy now“ feature

Just insert the price you want to reach into the „Buy Now Price“ box of your sales form while filling it out. Of course this price should not be lower than the minimum bid. e.g. Starting price 1 €, Buy now price 9 €. If a buyer clicks the “Buy now” button he receives the item immediately for the indicated price. If bids are placed on the item, the auction goes on in the classical way.

3.) Buy now / Shop - item

You offer the item at a fixed price only. The item can only be bought at that price.


Why can’t I choose a category? [^]

This problem normally occurs if you deactivated JavaScript. Go to the browser configuration menu, activate JavaScript and press the refresh button of your browser.

If your browser doesn’t support JavaScript, we would recommend you to download the latest Firefox at

How can I edit an auction in arreas? [^]

You can only edit items in arreas which have not received any bids. You can edit your items at “My Site”-> “My current auctions”. With a click on „Edit“ you can change all the information corresponding to the item.

How can I add an image to my auctions? [^]

There are two possibilities to add images to the auctions. At the moment it is only possible to use a max. of four images in one auction!

1. Possibility

You can directly upload an image onto our server. This can be done in the sales form, button „Image-Upload“ and „Search“.

Choose a picture from your hard disc to add it to your auction. Please keep in mind that only images in JPEG (.jpg) or GIF (.gif) can be used on our site. Furthermore the size of the images is limited to 300kb per picture. The size of the images is optimized automatically.

2. Possibility

You open a file/homepage with a number of images of any size you wish, on a picture service or webspace-provider.

As soon as you have opened the file you only have to copy the link to the desired picture and insert it in the blank „Image URL“ of your sales form. You can easily go to the link of the image on your homepage with your right mouse button. Choose the function “Copy“.

Insert this „link“ with the function „Paste“ of your right mouse button into the blank „Image URL“. Please make sure that there is a "http://" at the beginning of the link.

Why do my images not work? [^]

Your image doesn’t have the required format. Please choose a GIF or JPG format for your images! Other formats like BMP cannot be processed on our site.

How can I relist /prolongate my auctions? [^]

You have the possibility to relist expired auctions (also successful ones!) any time you like. On “My site”-> “Expired auctions” or “Sold” you can find your terminated auctions. You can relist the items immediately.

You have also got the possibility to change the information of the item with the “Edit” icon. You should maybe choose a lower starting price to gain more attention of potential bidders. You can either relist all expired auctions with a click on the „All auctions“ button, or you can individually choose the auctions you want to relist with the button „Selected auctions“.

Our system can also relist your items automatically if want so. Your expired auctions without any bids will be relisted 12 times if this function is activated. That means that each of the items will be automatically relisted six times.

After that you can manually relist the item on “My Site/Expired auctions/Sold” and you can re-activate the „Relist automatically“ function, which relists the item another six times.

How do I deactivate e-mails for unsuccessful auctions? [^]

After an unsuccessful auction (or some at the same time) you normally receive an e-mail, that the auctions haven’t been successful. These e-mails can easily overfill your mailbox if you have a big stock of items on our site.

You can deactivate the e-mails under „Auction settings“! From then on you will only receive e-mails for successful auctions. Of course you can deactivate this function any time you want.

What does cost? [^]

Our fees are the cheapest worldwide! Buyers /bidders don’t pay anything! only levies a minimal fee when items are sold!

A detailed overview of all possible auction fees:

1.) Insertion fees

None at the moment

2.) Purchase fees

If you successfully sell an item on we levy an additional purchase fee.

The fee depends on the selling price. If your item is not sold, no fees will accrue.

  • Item not sold - none!
  • 0,01 Euro - 15 Euro - flat charge 80 Cent
  • 15,01 € - 1000,00 € - 6% of the selling price
  • 1000,01 € - 2.000,00 € - 60 € plus 4% of the selling price over 1000,01 €
  • over 2.000,01 € - 100 € plus 3% of the selling price

If you sell an item for 15,00 EUR or less we only levy a fee of 0,80 €.

3.) Special fees (optional)

You can use special features which are charged with individual fees, which do not depend on any selling price.

0,25 € for a second category

If you want to place your item in two different categories you have to pay for the second one. Please note: All other special features double (except „Top-offer“ and „Top star offer“)

0,25 € Subtitle

Use a subtitle to sell your auctions more effectively. More information in addition to the auction title!

1,00 € for an auction with a frame

Your item receives a coloured frame in the overview.

0,50 € for a gallery image

Would you like to make your auction more visible in the search lists? Then use a „gallery image“. Like that, potential buyers see your item with a picture in all seach lists!

1,00 € for minimum price

We levy 1,00 € for a minimum price

0,50 € for Name of auction bold

The title of your auction will be highlighted bold

1,30 € for highlight: Your item is highlighted with a background colour (yellow) in the seach lists. So it gets more visible!

2,90 € for "Top-auction" in the category:

Your offer appears in the top position of the category on EVERY PAGE. This possibilty increases the number of visitors and therefore the possibilities to sell the item.

7,90 € for a position on the homepage as „Top-Offer“:

Your offer is placed on the homepage of “" under "Top-offers" and is therefore seen by EVERY visitor of the page. A top-placement is ensured and the possibilities to sell your object rise dramatically. Ten such offers are showed on the homepage at a time. These offers change every second!

9,90 € for a "Top-Star Auction" on the homepage with an image!

Your offer is placed on the homepage as one of three “Top-Star-Auctions”. These offers take turns all the time!

You should choose this option for special items. Thousands of visitors see your item with the corresponding picture immediately and can directly place a bid. There is nothing better at the moment!

If you, for any reason, close an auction which has already received bids in advance, we levy a fee of 3,00 €.

Status of 4.1.2015 (subject to modifications)

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