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29.11.2023 - 00:03 MEZ
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Here you can: change your personal information, check auctions, rate, open shops, etc...

How can I manage my auctions?

You can check your auctions any time you want to. As seller as well as buyer you have different possiblities to manage your auctions. 
Sellers use „Sell item“, buyers use „Buy item“.

Sell items

  • Current auctions: Items which you currently sell
  • Auctions with bids: These auctions have already received bids
  • Expired auctions: These auctions have already expired but you can prolongate them any time.
  • Sold: Here you can see all the items you have sold within the last 60 days.

With the buttons Delete and Edit you can delete and edit auctions. Expired auctions and sold items can be prolongated easily.

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