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How do I search for an item?
How do I buy and place bids?
Why was I outbid in the last seconds of the auction?
What does „rating“ mean? How can I rate?
What does „Buy now“ mean? How can I buy something „directly“?
What is a bidding agent? Why am I outbid immediately?
What does “increase of bid” mean?
What are the further steps after buying an item?

How do I search for an item? [^]

You can either search in the different categories or with key words on the homepage. If you use this function, write the name of the item you search into the search box. Then click “GO” to start the search engine. The search results will appear a moment later. With the search box you can also search for the latest auctions of the day on all the pages. We also have a direct link to an extended search.

Extended search> There is also a page for an extended search!

If you want to perform an extended search, click onto the button “Search” on the navigation bar or use the link “Extended search” under “Search item”. On this special page you can search for auction titles, auction descriptions, dates, sellers or in categories. You can also link different search criteria!

Further search criteria are: auction number, country, zip code, city or price.

How do I buy and place bids? [^]

If you find an interesting item you want to place a bid on, you can directly enter your maximum bid in the box „Bid now“. Confirm your bid with a click on”Bid now”. Your bid is valid if you confirm your bid once more with a click on “Confirm bid“. If your bid is the highest, you will appear as the first one on the list of bidders.

If your bid is higher than the current minimum bid, your bid leads until another bidder places a higher bid. If two users placed the same bid, the bid, which was placed first, leads.

You will receive an e-mail whether your bid was successful or not. You will also receive an e-mail if you are outbid by another user.

Why was I outbid in the last seconds of the auction? [^]

Please keep in mind that not the last bid wins but the highest one!

You should therefore enter a maximum bid the „bidding agent“ can work with. Just enter the maximum sum you want to pay for the item.

The bidding agent bids for you until your maximum bid is reached. You don’t have to fear to miss an auction as the bidding agent bids for you even if you are not online.

What does „rating“ mean? How can I rate? [^]

If you click on the name of a user, you can see his ratings. The ratings show you the reputation and the quality of the transactions of the user. Every buyer or seller can rate his auction partner(s) and the transaction after the auction.

The rating consists of the following points:

positive rating: plus 1 point (+1)
A negative rating: minus 1 point (-1)
A neutral rating: 0 points (0)

The number behind a username shows you the total number of his ratings e.g Stephen (32)

The stars behind the name only show you the status of the ratings.

  • For 1-20 ratings
  • For 21 - 50 ratings
  • For 51 - 100 ratings
  • For 101 - 500 ratings
  • For 501 - 1000 ratings
  • more than 1001 ratings


Please don’t forget to rate the performance of your auction partner after a transaction. To do so, go to „My Site“ and click „Rate“. There you see all auction partners with the corresponding auctions you can rate. Please choose if the transaction was positive, negative or neutral and add a short comment.

What does „Buy now“ mean? How can I buy something „directly“? [^]

If you are interested in buying an item NOW just click onto the „Buy now“ button within the auction and confirm your bid.

You don’t have to enter a bid as the „Buy now“ price is fixed. If you confirm the direct purchase, you bought the item. You will then receive further information via e-mail.

There are two types of auctions which offer “Buy now”:

  • Normal auction with „Buy now“
  • Shop item („Buy now“)

The “Buy now” function in a normal auction is only active as long as no normal bid has been placed on the item. If the „Buy now“ button isn’t used and a normal bid is placed, the auction will continue in a normal way.

What is a bidding agent? Why am I outbid immediately? [^]

The bidding agent places bids for you, if you are not online. The bidding agent will bid until the maximum price, you have entered before, is reached.


The current maximum bid is 19,50 €. You would have to bid 20,00 € to lead.
You enter 50,00 € in the "Bid now"-box as the maximum bid.
The agent first bids 20,00 € for you to make you leading the auction. This bid will also appear on the list of all bids. If another user now bids 21,00€ the agent bids 50 cents more. This will happen until another user outbids your 50,00€.
If another user has already placed a bid higher than your 50€ you are immediately outbid.

What does “increase of bid” mean? [^]

It is the balance between the current leading bid and the minimum bid. The hight of the increase depends on the hight of the current leading bid. The leading bid has to be increased by at least 0,5 €. Of course you can also bid a higher sum. If this is the case, the bidding agent will bid for you.


User 1 is the leading bidder with a sum of 10 €. To become the leading bidder yourself, you will have to place a bid which is at least 0,5 € higher than the current one, that means at least 10,50 €.

The steps of increase are:

0 - 49,99 € = 0.5 €
50 - 199,99 € = 1.5 €
200 - 499,99 € = 5 €
500 - 999,99 € =10 €
1000 - xxxx € = 50 €

What are the further steps after buying an item? [^]

After the end of the auction you will receive an e-mail containing all the information regarding the seller (e-mail, address, etc) and the bought item.

It is the responsibility of the buyer and the seller to get into contact.

If the seller doesn’t contact you within three days, you should contact him and remind him of the contract he has to fullfill.

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