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BLEEDING GERMANY DRY Alliied atrocities on Germans SIGN Auction number: 0007066424 
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Dr. Claus Nordbruch


The Aftermath of World War II from the German Perspective

Pretoria 2013, first edition, hard cover, photos and illustrations, 560 pages, original dust jacket

in mint condition - SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR

This book deals exhaustively with a subject that many consider heretical: the legal issue of Germany’s demands for a peace treaty and constitution as well as reparations and compensation for the German people.

A distinctive feature of the author’s argument is that he writes from an all-German point of view. The Austrian people are seen as an obvious and integral part of the German Nation and are treated as such. He is a strong critic of the Federal Republic’s standard response that the injustices perpetrated on the German people ’by foreign powers are rooted in injustices committed by the National Socialist regime’, and consequently the Germans ‘must abstain from making their own demands for compensation against these states’.

This nonconforming author exposes the hypocrisy of such self-protective assertions. He concentrates on giving the reader unadulterated depictions of the premeditated mass atrocities connected with expulsion and deportation of German people, as well as the mass rape of German women and girls, and the Allied campaigns of methodical plunder throughout Germany. He does not omit the well-documented tortures and murders of millions of German civilians and prisoners of war in both East and West, and he devotes an entire chapter to the question of foreign workers in the Third Reich. This is compared with the historical facts about the question of German forced labourers. Nordbruch is the first author to document the actual extent of exploitation of German labour by the victorious powers, Bolshevistic as well as ‘democratic’. After an extensive investigation of these issues, the author presents Germany’s ethical and political grounds for claiming restitution. He provides a thorough explanation of the legal arguments supporting such compensation under international law.

Bleeding Germany Dry is an accurate and hard-hitting revision of historical events that for over half a century have had a decisive influence on the policies of Berlin and Vienna. Nordbruch directs his attention to the millions of German war victims who to this very day remain uncompensated for their sufferings during imprisonment, torture and slave labour. According to the author, all the Allies continue to wage war against Germany, albeit a war no longer waged with bombs and machine guns. Instead, it is a war of an intellectual corrosive subversion, and also conducted against German science. The heart of Europe is still suffering from the consequences of this radical policy of total destruction, which is unprecedented in human history.

This wide-ranging and richly illustrated book is more than a dispassionate study cataloguing death, material losses and suffering in chronological order. With his inimitable style of writing, Nordbruch ruthlessly breaks taboos here. Ignoring the political and intellectual taboos created by the disciples of political correctness, he puts forward unconventional demands that must be addressed by a future sovereign German policy.


Versand (2,50 EURO) erfolgt per Buchsendung innerhalb Deutschlands, 9,50 EURO innerhalb der EU und USA.

Da es sich um einen Privatverkauf handelt, übernehme ich keine Garantie nach neuem EU Recht. Wegen der neuen Gesetzesbestimmungen erfolgt die Auktion unter Auschluß jedweder Gewährleistung, Garantie oder Rücknahme. Der Bieter erklärt sich damit einverstanden und erkennt dies mit seinem Gebot an!

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