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29.11.2023 - 00:06 MEZ
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Terms and conditions

MILITARIA321.COM offers a free market place for individuals and companies.

Like everywhere else, some rules have to be observed.

1. MILITARIA321.COM enables individuals and companies to sell and buy goods via the internet.

2. The company ASA, with its headquarters in Vaduz / Liechtenstein, provides the site MILITARIA321.COM ( as a service to buy and sell goods via online auctions. MILITARIA321.COM is, by no means at all, involved in the actual transactions between buyers and sellers. We are therefore not responsible for neither the quality nor the security/legality of the items sold. In addition to that, we do not give any guarantee for the ability of sellers to sell items or the ability of buyers to buy items. Please keep in mind, that problems can occur in transactions with minors or people who made wrong statements. To increase the security of our web site, we introduced a feedback system.

3. We do only accept bids which are made during a regular auction by registered users. Bids are irrevocable and can only be withdrawn under special circumstances. When making a bid, the user obligates himself to buy the item, if his bid is the winning one.

4. Sellers obligate themselves to really own the items they offer at and sell them afterwards. It is not allowed to offer items that you don’t own! Want ads are not allowed!

5. The highest bidder is generally the winner of the auction. can close auctions at any time, if illegal or dangerous items are sold.

6. When taking part in auctions, buyers as well as sellers guarantee to use, sell or buy the offered items and included offers, pictures etc of the 3rd Reich only for serious and legal purposes, such as civic education, resistance against unconstitutional behaviour, art, science, research, reporting on events of the past or history or other similar reasons. does only allow buyers and seller to take part in auctions under the preconditions mentioned above.

7. It is forbidden to offer items from the NS-Era, which contain NS symbols (for example but not exclusively: swastika, runes, skulls of the Waffen SS, and so on). If a seller still uploads images with such signs, he has to make sure that forbidden symbols are covered 100%. A violation of this prohibition is a direct violation of German law (§§86ff StGB). Users uploading such images and violating the laws do not only incur a penalty but are also made responsible for all losses and disadvantages which may arise for MILITARIA321.COM. Further consequences of illegal behaviour are the ban from all auctions and the extradition to the department of public prosecution.

Due to German law (§§ 86 ff StGB) strictly forbids to sell the following items:
Literature, DVD´s, MC´s, CD´s, games, videos and other image, sound or data carriers with NAZI propaganda, glorification of violence, antisemitism, invocation of racial hatred and similar contents. More precisely but not exclusively:

a) Media which are not allowed to be advertised and which may not be accessible to minors, like for example MC´s, CD´s, videos and games which glorify violence and propaganda material. For example the books: “The Eternal Jew” or “The Jew Süss”
b) Critically regarded literature like eg. “My Struggle/My Battle” may only be offered in private auctions. Please tick the option PRIVATE AUCTION in the main menu for that purpose.
c) The sale of reproductions of flags, armbands or similar objects with NAZI symbols.

8. MILITARIA321.COM offers a serious marketplace for buyers and sellers but it absolutely dissociates itself from members who do not stick to existing laws or violate our terms and conditions. We immediately institute proceedings against criminals. Please inform and help us if you get aware of any criminal action.

9. MILITARIA321.COM reserves the right to ban users, who give/gave false statements, from all further auctions.

10. MILITARIA321.COM assumes no liability or responsibility for the content of online auctions. Sellers are responsible for the listings and content of the auctions as well as for the quality, quantity and other guaranteed criteria.

11. Who ever bids on self-owned auctions, or bids through middlemen, has to rest assured to be banned from the auction. Price rigging is not wanted on

12. Sellers, who have less than 10 positive ratings, could be asked by the buyers to use a well known escrow service. The seller must definitely accept this demand! Both partners can freely agree on an escrow service.

All sellers are free to offer an escrow service on their sales form. An accepted escrow service is

13. If an auction is listed in a category described as original, started with the guarantee symbol, or if the seller gives any other prove of the authenticity of an item, he automatically offers an unlimited sale or return on authenticity within 31days. This right cannot be limited in the description of the auction. If done so, this restriction is not valid. If the buyer has got a reasonable suspicion concerning the authenticity of the item, he has the right to return it to the seller, no expertise is necessary. ALL costs including the shipping costs have to be refunded to the buyer. Sellers may feel free to list items with an uncertain authenticity in the corresponding categories.

If any suspicion arouses concerning the authenticity of an item, can delete or move this item to another category at any time. We do not delete or add guarantee symbols!

14. MILITARIA321.COM has the right to electronically administrate the data of registered users and to use the data only for its own purpose. Personal data are not given to a third  party!

15. Registered users obligate themselves to pay  fees resulting from auctions to MILITARIA321.COM. All fees are displayed on the corresponding site. It is not allowed to allocate any fees to buyers. Even if a seller states an allocation of the costs in the description of the auction, it has got no legal significance. Every buyer has the right to refuse fees with reference to the terms and conditions. reserves the right to delete auctions or to move them to other categories.

Fees for special features have to be paid in any case, even if the auction was deleted or moved.

16. Please contact if you have any questions regarding invoices. We will get into contact with you within 72 hours. All invoices are automatically saved on “My Site”, where they can be seen and printed out.

Credit notes are not transferred back to your bank account or credit card account, but are credited to your user account.

17. There is no entitlement to register or use our website. Due to possible maintenance or connection problems, the website MILITARIA321.COM may not be available for a certain period of time. In such a case users do not have the right to lay any claim to compensation from MILITARIA321.COM.

18. The domain name is not owned, operated by or affiliated in any way with the site or any other website owned by ASA Auktions Service Anstalt.

19. If you take part in auctions on, it is compulsory to stick to the substantive law of the principality of Liechtenstein and the venue clauses of Vaduz/Principality of Liechtenstein.

Official currency is EURO = € or EUR

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